Who is Axxicom Airport Caddy?

Axxicom Airport Caddy: specialized in PRM Assistance

Axxicom Airport Caddy is a specialized supplier of PRM assistance (Passenger with Reduced Mobility). Axxicom Airport Caddy has been providing PRM assistance since November 2003 at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and since March 2007 at Brussels Airport. The PRM assistance at Brussels Airport will be provided under the new EU regulations which will be obligatory from summer 2008.Axxicom Airport Caddy is also perfectly capable of handling UM, YP and MAAS, in addition, of course to the regular PRM as WCHR, WCHC, WCHS, Stretcher, Blind and Deaf. Axxicom Airport Caddy handles in total 150.000 assistances a year. 

Information Technology

Axxicom Airport Caddy uses an advanced and custom made planning system. Through the connection of this planning system with the Flight Information System of the Airport, schedules will always be up to date. There is a direct link through a web based PDA with the Passenger Assistant (PA) which provides information on a regular basis to the PA. This means that any PA at any terminal is always perfectly informed about the latest details.

Modern Equipment

Axxicom Airport Caddy uses new, modern and innovative equipment. Besides caddies, wheelchairs, minibus, and Ambulift.  

Transparant Information

Axxicom Airport Caddy will provide all kinds of useful information on numbers of different PRM, PRM per airplane, PRM per airline and per day, week or any other period. Axxicom Airport Caddy is able to provide this information due to the specialized software.        

Dedicated management

Axxicom Airport Caddy will appoint fully dedicated management such as a general manager, operations manager, dispatchers and team leaders. All members of the management will follow a training course of at least five days at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and/or Brussels Airport.

Quality and training

Axxicom Airport Caddy has a PRM handling certification of ACI. PA are trained in theory and of course on the job for in total five days training. Axxicom Airport Caddy will use own trainers to guarantee full and high quality training for the PA. This is not only technical training, but also a training in empathy and behavior, which is an essential skill for the PA, who is the most important contact to the PRM. 

Full service or Management service only

Axxicom Airport Caddy provides PRM assistance at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Brussels Airport on a full service base. It is also possible to have a management service contract with Axxicom Airport Caddy, in this case Axxicom Airport Caddy takes cares of the management and systems.

Member of Facilicom Services Group

Axxicom Airport Caddy is member of the Facilicom Services Group (FSG). FSG is a full facility supplier with specialties such as cleaning, security, catering, construction, installation and temporary employment. FSG has been in existence since 1966 and is a family owned, debt free company with a turnover in 2008 of € 1 Billion. Head office is located in the Netherlands and FSG is also active in Belgium, France and UK.